Posted by Sharon on October 30, 2019

Learn more about biochar!

We've been fortunate lately to have several opportunities to contribute to the public interest in biochar. We encourage you to visit the following sources to learn more.

Organic NZ

I'm pretty chuffed that Organic NZ invited me to collaborate with Dennis Enright for an article about Dennis's "charbeques." If you're interested in making small-scale batches of biochar for your own garden, this could be the approach for you. Just switch out your barbecue for a charbecue: it can be as easy as closing an air vent and building the right type of fire. Read ONZ's Nov/Dec 2019 issue to learn more, or check out the article online. ONZ is often available at bookstores. Appropriately, this issue is about climate change solutions.

Organic NZ is a great publication, one that I feel entirely at home with due to the commitments of its publisher--the registered charity NZ Soil & Health Association--and also thanks to the magazine's smart and kind editor Philippa Jamieson. Take out a subscription and/or buy some back issues!

We celebrated the publication of this story with our own very first charbecue, home-raised steaks grilled over one of Phil's kontiki kilns, which he had fabricated locally from recycled materials.

Country Life

We're getting lots of great feedback from Sally Round's excellent story for Country Life, a Radio NZ podcast. Thanks, Sally, for taking the time to interview Phil. We're really enjoying hearing from other biochar pioneers thanks to this coverage.

NZ Lifestyle Block

NZ Lifestyle Block's June 2019 issue included a multi-article feature on biochar:

  • an intro by editor Nadene Hall, "Why your soil needs biochar,"
  • my article on some of Phil's approaches to charging and using biochar, plus on making it in small batches in wood fires and cone pits, "Lessons from a biochar-maker," and
  • Ben Elms's article on making larger batches in a kontiki kiln and bathtub, "Dr Compost's experiments in making biochar."

This is all online now, but if you're really into biochar, look for a back issue of the magazine for the clearest layout. Thank you to NZ Lifestyle Block for doing such a good job at getting the word out on biochar's many benefits!