Meet the people of Slow Farm

Phil & Rain's mountains are the Santa Catalinas of southern Arizona, and their river is the Santa Cruz. Sharon's mountains are the Oregon Cascades, and her rivers are the McKenzie and Willamette. Perry's mountains are the Ruahines, and his rivers are the Pohangina and Manawatū. We all now live at Perry's birth home, and we acknowledge the mana whenua of Rangitāne. Most of our tipuna are of Western European descent, though Phil and the children also whakapapa to the Turtle Clan of Mohawk Native Americans, who are indigenous to the land now known as upstate New York.

We're the Stevens family. We aspire to live well by loving each other, loving the earth, loving our neighbours, and using our talents and energies to create fair and sustainable socioecological systems. This is an adventure that starts right where we're at, and we won't fulfill our dreams within this generation. In spite of shortcomings, we guarantee we'll bring our aspirations into any cooperative activities, along with our respect for others' contributions.

Slow Farm Ltd.

Director Phil Stevens is the visionary behind Slow Farm's biochar and ag consultancy enterprise. He often collaborates with a consultancy firm offering solutions to support large institutions in reducing their ecological footprint through energy conservation & renewables and through reduced carbon emissions & increased sequestration. Alongside Sharon, and also independently, Phil facilitates community sustainability workshops. He provides some community IT support as a business sideline. He is our homeplace's primary animal husband, as the well as the primary caretaker of the orchard and annual crops. His specialisations including scything, pruning, biochar-making, cooking, and more. Phil is passionate about the reform of economic systems, and he is Chairperson of Living Economies Educational Trust.

Director Sharon Stevens (PhD) is currently developing a consultancy to support academic researchers who have a genuine desire to use their unique abilities in the service of community-identified needs and community-led initiatives. She's a is also experienced in facilitation, writing, and community education. She's a "trust nature" herb gardener who loves foraging and loves holistic health practices. She has a volunteer background in providing services to persons who are homeless and/or disabled, and she has lived in multiple intentional communities. She has served as founding Chairperson of RECAP, founding Treasurer of a local economic not-for-profit organisation, and she has been employed recently (into 2017) as RECAP's first staff coordinator and Environment Network Manawatu's first Project Coordinator. In that latter role she coordinated environmental NGO participation in the establishment of the Manawatū Food Action Network. She remains an active community volunteer. She has previously worked as a writing instructor, researcher, researcher development facilitator, and programme leader for the University of Arizona and Massey University.

Rain is a recent high school graduate. (Yup, that photo is out of date). They (Rain) are enrolled at International Pacific University as a Japanese Major. They are a visual artist specialising in digital art and anime-style character design; links to their online portfolio are available on request. As a student, they're not an official part of Slow Farm Ltd., but they're still right in the heart of what we do. They're also the go-to person for graphics support.

Perry is enrolled at Feilding High School. He is good at bicycling, at direct sowing large seeds, and at harvesting. He leads many of our seed saving initiatives, helps with the firewood, and supports our poultry care. He an also read and write, finger-spell, and use some whole sign. In an example of life imitating art, we have Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild to thank for Perry's new interest in foraging, along with his family heritage (through Sharon) of living on the edge between rural and wild landscapes.