More than just a hobby ...

Horticulture and animal husbandry are foundational to the Slow Farm lifestyle. By trying to live well in our own homespace, we test our theories in practice. Gardening requires us to pay attention to how the health of the earth is connected to our own health, and we can taste when we're doing a good job in the flavour of our potatoes, our broccoli, our pears. We try to live with respect for soil life, insect life, native birdlife, biodiverse plants, our domesticated animals, and other living creatures who share our space.

When the things we love are abundant, we are prepared to share or exchange them: seedlings, hand-crafted tools, the time and joy involved in developing a smart permaculture design. Growing, making, and designing for our own family and homespace is essential to the integrity of our education, facilitation, writing, and other community and economic services; however, on a gift or exchange basis, these activities are extra-vocational. If you're local, we'd love to know more about your own interests. Perhaps we can support each other on this journey.