Hi all, just want to give some quick updates on where our wee family business is headed.

Phil's committing to pursuing biochar as our family's primary income source, and it looks like the synchronicities are with him. He's in the process of setting that up as a separate business, with the aim of completing all the necessary separations before the new financial year begins on 1 April.

In the meantime, I'm going back to small-scale home-based contracting in keeping with the kaupapa of our family business. This allows me to be present in my home and connected to the children as Perry starts high school and Rain starts university. Also, it seems to simply suit my personality a bit better to be outside of the 9-5 world. I'm also getting back into community volunteering, this time with a focus on Dark Skies reserves, though I'll remain connected to Ashhurst community-led development and other actions I've pursued over the last decade. Needless to say, our small-farm-sized family business is the more appropriate container for my own earnings, as well as for any secondary earnings Phil contributes to, like when we co-tutor for RECAP.

Part of what I'm exploring right now is whether a bit of Rongoa study would complement my interest in herbalism. I never became a certified medical herbalist and I don't see any reason to think I'll take Rongoa so far either, however, this connection to the earth and the plants is an important part of keeping me real and informed in my paid work, such as tutoring, writing, etc. At the suggestion of a friend, I have my first Rongoa retreat in March, and I'll just see what eventuates from there. I am also taking a te reo course at UCOL this year--something I've been meaning to do for a long time, and also something that now seems complementary to the general spirit of my business developments. (That said, I'm only expensing the Rongoa and writing- / tutoring-related aspects of my work ... I don't anticipate ever conducting business in any language other than English, primarily. I'd love to be a more competent reo speaker, but that's more of a lifestyle choice.)

Okay ... I'm about to ramble into over-sharing if I haven't done so already. Over and out for now. Arohanui, Sharon

Posted by Sharon on January 29, 2021