Making Social Permaculture Stronger in Aotearoa

16-18 MARCH 2018

  • Settle in from 4:00 p.m. Friday.
  • Friday evening community-building activities after BYO supper.
  • Presentations and discussion start Saturday a.m.
  • End with Sunday lunch and clean-up, out by 3:00 p.m.


  • Sixtus Lodge, in the Ruahine Mountains near Apiti (central North Island).
  • Near bush, stream, nature trails, and glowworm caves.
  • Sleeping in two bunk rooms (w/ children, w/o children), or BYO tent for more privacy.
  • Bring your own bedding, including pillows.
  • 32 km from Kimbolton, which is still a small town, so come prepared for a weekend w/o shops.
  • 60 km from petrol station in Feilding.


  • $100 per adult
  • $50 per child (2-15)
  • plus FOOD contributions (see section on meals).

If there's a shortfall ... we'll pass the hat and request voluntary help.

If there's a surplus ... you'll get a refund or, at your choice, we'll donate it to PiNZ.

Let us know if payment arrangements are required.


We'll be catering some of the meals, but we're also depending on participants for food contributions to keep costs down and keep us healthy. Our basic expectation is that participants will bring:

  • Their own Friday evening meal;
  • A contribution to a Saturday shared lunch (the main meal);
  • Something to share for teas / nibbling, for example home baking or fruit;
  • Any desired supplemental beverages. We'll have water, herbal and gumboot teas, and coffee.

We're providing Saturday and Sunday breakfast, Saturday supper, and Sunday lunch. Some food, but not all, will be organic.

We invite participants to offer the following--in advance of our shopping--in lieu of part of their fees:

  • home-grown fruit and veg;
  • home cultures, such as yoghurt;
  • home ferments;
  • other suggestions welcome.


This is the fourth hui in Permaculture in New Zealand's (PINZ's) Making Permaculture Stronger series. For PiNZ membership and mailing list, contact, or visit

Co-organisers Sharon Stevens and Kirsty Barendze met through Ashhurst-based charity RECAP. Those heading through Ashhurst may want to check out RECAP's community garden or orchard.

Social permaculture * invisible structures * hui

Social permaculture—also referred to as "invisible structures"—can apply to a range of topics:

  • living economies and fair-share investment;
  • community development, governance, and participatory processes;
  • ways of learning, personal, and cultural transformation;
  • spirituality, (social) psychology, and holistic health;
  • and more.

You are warmly invited to be part of a hui to develop and strengthen social permaculture in Aotearoa. All are welcome, but this hui is geared at those with an existing interest in social permaculture/invisible structures. Children of participants are welcome too. Our venue accommodates a maximum of fifty participants.

David Holmgren's Permaculture Flower

Many of the petals on David Holmgren's "Permaculture Flower" have more to do with social and cultural aspects of permaculture design than biophysical elements of permaculture design, though in the end these are all inseparable. Poster image borrowed, with thanks, from


To register, please contact Sharon ( for registration. Please note that I am leaving a bit after noon today (16 March). You're welcome to phone my home if you find out my number from other hui registrants.

There are abut ten extra beds at the hui venue. Please note that if you come without having reached me in advance, I will still need to pay the venue for your accommodation, and we may have trouble feeding you, so bring extra food beyond the basic meal contribution or you'll be the one sent off for groceries. There are ZERO food shops near the venue, in Apiti, and in Rangawahia. I'm not even sure what's available in Cheltenham and Mangaweka, but Kimbolton has a Tip-Top. So being sent off could be expensive petrol- and time-wise.

Also, I will respect the venue's licensing and maximum numbers and no pet policy, etc., and if you're person #51, we can't let you stay. The people running the lodge are great conservation volunteer folks and I love what they do.

Please sure you read all of this page, like, bring ALL of your bedding!

Basic cost is $100 per adult and $50 per child (age 2-15, infants no charge), plus food contributions. We have reduced costs for a couple people unable to pay the full amount, by negotiation, but we are currently at break even with the hui and I'm not willing to go out-of-pocket, so there will definitely be some cost.


There are many ways to participate in the hui:

  • Be a part of it! Listen and interact.
  • Suggest topics for the open space sessions, or suggest session ideas in advance.
  • Step up while present to facilitate or co-facilitate, to take notes, to help with meals and clean-up, etc.
  • Prepare a poster showcasing your social permaculture ideas or experience for our Saturday morning poster session.
  • Prepare a seven-minute presentation (maybe 3 minutes of talk plus Q&A) for our Saturday morning PechaKucha / quick-sharing session.
  • Bring musical instruments etc.

For more about what's happening at the hui, check out the full schedule below.